Sessions: The Lelauti Family

Sessions: The Lelauti Family

Monique is a Coconut Point OG. I’ve known Monique since high school, and I think the last time we saw each other was our high school graduation day. We were both considered “cool nerds” and graduated co-valedictorian. We left the island right after for college in the states. Fast forward seven years later… now Monique is married to her high school sweetheart Pae, and have two adorable little boys, with a baby girl on the way! Pae is in the military so they’ve had to move a lot (they’re currently on the move again to Alaska), but are back on island for a couple of weeks to be with family after Monique’s grandmother’s passing. As for the kids, they love “Papa’s beach” and gladly cooperated on our session once their feet touched the sand. It was a bit of a last minute thing, but I knew I wanted to take Monique’s family photos before she left. We didn’t plan out any specific details, except the location of course had to be at her family’s beach at Coconut Point. It’s an awesome spot. It was a little overcast, but otherwise a beautiful day for photos at the beach. Here are some of my favorite photos from our session.
Since 2005. I know such a moepi lol but oh well, when God blesses you better answer 😉 The first time my dad let me go bike riding in front of the village, this guy lured me with his shyness. First date at Bruno’s circus. First kiss at June’s store 🙈. And lots of sneaking behind my dad’s back 😬 love you dad. Broke his heart more than once during our dating days, yet he always remained faithful the one from the start. I was undeserving of his love and have done some things God and I are not proud of, but I’ve prayed long and hard for His mercy upon my life. It wasn’t until after I got a taste of my own karma when He finally decided to answer. Not with someone else, but another chance, a fresh new start with the very first guy I fell in love with. It was in 2011… when we thought we were better off on our own separate ways, we met up again in Hawaii. I was visiting family on college break and he was there for a rugby trip. What seemed to have completely fallen apart, fell right back in place at that moment. We were inseparable ever since. Our love grew stronger than ever… had Abelson, got married (2013), Pae joined the military, I graduated from college, and now enjoying life with our babies. We couldn’t be any happier 💕 And we owe it all to our good Lord. Ps. I share this in hopes at least one can take a lesson or two from this perfectly imperfect journey of ours… here’s to love 💕
Monique Lelauti

Abelson Paepaeoali’i Lelauti

Our firstborn. My little Cougar. Abelson was born in Pullman, WA, when I was a senior at WSU. He is our happy child. The comedian of the family. Lover of animals and everything- Cars, Dinotrux, & PJ Masks, to name a few. Bold, daring, adventurous, very hyper, picky-eater, fia fa’ali’i at times. With a lot of learning to do. His first name is a combination of my father, Apelu, and my only brother, Emerson’s names. And to my surprise, one of the main buildings where I used to take classes when I was pregnant with him, is named Abelson as well. Middle name after his dad and uncle from his Lavata’i side. Now 4 years old and is an amazing big brother to Tau and a daddy’s boy to the fullest! 😏 He is impatiently awaiting the arrival of his baby sister “Mia” (idek where he got that name from 🤣 and trust, that will not be her name 😆). He’s even gone through tutorials on how to carry baby sister 101 haha He lights up our day with the silly things he does/says. Definitely takes after his dad. We love you, Abelson. May God bless and guide you in all the days of your life!

Monique Lelauti

Ali’itau IronMike Lelauti

Our second baby boy. My VBAC baby. Baby Maui lol. Tau was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, our very first military duty station. Lord knew Abelson was annoying to other kids so He blessed him with Tau. 😂 Following my emergency c-section with Abelson, to be honest, I was scared to have another child, but God’s blessing through Tau I held on to my faith and finally got to experience the gift of natural birth. Tau is named after Pae’s brother’s son Tau, Toa’s twin brother, whom our Lord called at birth. (RIL Tau💝). We gave him the middle name, IronMike, as a reminder of his birthplace (Home of the Airborne and Special Forces) as well as his father’s service to our country as a paratrooper. Tau is different from Abelson in many ways. He looooves food, is always serious, very cranky, and has selective hearing haha! But nonetheless, he is truly a blessing! And we love everything about him. God bless you my precious little boy!

Monique Lelauti

Nerelle Que you truly have eyes for photography, thank you for the maternity shots. They all turned out beautiful! If anyone’s looking for a professional shoot of any kind, I highly recommend my talented friend Nerelle Que! She’s so much fun to work with and will not disappoint.

-Monique Lelauti

Create: February on Paper

Create: February on Paper

February was a good month for my creative process. I got back into journaling and watercolors, took more photos for the fun of it, and challenged myself to #MakeSomething everyday. I’m essentially rekindling my childhood passion for all things analog and DIY.

February Valentine's Day spread

I trust in your unfailing love.

Psalms 13:5a

I found out about the Traveler’s Notebook and Bullet Journal planner systems late last year and thought it was so clever. I made my own notebooks with recycled paper and magazines then purchased this fauxdori TN on Etsy. Needless to say, I’ve been geeking out real hard over this.

Sakura Koi 30 Watercolor

Upgraded to the Sakura Koi 30 watercolor set

So why do I like this type of planning and journaling? I could very easily use the notes app on my phone–which, let’s be real, is more convenient and is way less time consuming. I do it because I’m visual spatial. You know how some people say “if you want to remember something, write it down”? That’s definitely true for me. I am much better at making sense of things when I can see it and feel it. Physically writing things down forces me to think about what I’m doing, and how I’m going to do it.

February Month at a Glance

DIY notebooks out of regular printer paper and magazine pages. I don’t have a laminator so I ghetto rig it together with packaging tape. I’ve made a bunch already but I’ve been giving them to friends whenever they come over.

February Takeaways

Important life lessons: Do all the things that make your heart sing

Monthly motivational mantra: Live intentionally

Keep doing next month: Attempt to make something everyday

Favorite silent moment: Painting quietly and reading out loud on the boat