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My name is Nerelle Que. Born and raised in American Samoa, I am 25 years old with a penchant for photography, art, and web design. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a BSBA in Marketing, and did a summer abroad with the Eller Global Cohort to India. I am currently working full-time in marketing for Bluesky Communications, while also working as a freelance photographer, creative, and web consultant. Please feel free to email me at for inquiries.


Wonder. More than anything, I want to make the moments count. Life is beautiful in all its forms, and I am constantly at awe and inspired by the beauty that surrounds us. When there are no words to describe it. Come wonder with me.

Wander. We all get lost sometimes, but I believe that to wander is to roam with intention. I strive to navigate the unknowns in this way, and I would love to capture you on your journey. Go and grow. Let’s wander together.

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