Fast kine in Hawai’i

Aug 8, 2017Lifestyle, Travel

Photos from my first couple days of vacation in Hawaii.

After flying in at 6am, we headed straight to Laie where my colleague Line lives in a beautiful house by the beach. We caught up over breakfast then played with her awesome 4 kiddos bodysurfing the choppy little waves. I unfortunately did not take any photos while we were in Laie because I was starting to get sick and I barely slept on the flight.

Later we made it to the very hip Kailua area to be reunited with a couple of our AmSam friends, Tim and Brenda, who recently relocated to Oahu. In the evening, we picnicked on sushi and red wine, and laughed at the stars outside of a Jack Johnson concert.

The next day consisted of a lot of waiting around for buses, but we got to eat some fresh ahi and salmon poke(!), did some errands, and checked out Kaimana beach to meet up with Ian’s college friend, where two monk seals crashed the scene!

The downside to visiting Hawai’i is that it’s always too short, but the upside means that I get to spend quality time with my family in Arizona before jetsetting off to Bali next week!

Moon over Diamondhead mountains in Hawaii
Tim and Brenda


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