Things I’m Grateful For Today

This giant clam shell still intact.
The glow of sunlight through the windows in the studio.
The mangroves in the backyard lagoon. What are you grateful for?

Sunday Fun Day: Tidepools and Whale Watching

Not much to do on Sundays, except for jumping into tidepools, snorkeling at the beach, and whale watching with friends. Can’t every day be Sunday Fun Day?

We Painted the Fridge Blue

Productive Saturday – a moody sunrise, a couple hours of work, impromptu home improvement projects… oh, and we painted our fridge blue!

Friday Feelings: SUP and a Confession

Friday feelings are a thing. Solo SUP after work to ponder over the water, and other thoughts that make me feel some type of way.

Hello Little Starling

Hanging out with a young Samoan Starling (Aplonis atrifusca) on our heads by the beach. Just another picture perfect evening in American Samoa.

Baby on Board

Baby on Board

Cheesy pregnancy idioms? Bring it on! Surf and sun session for Jameson and Carolyn who are announcing the arrival of their baby coconut!

Upolu Travel Journal

Upolu Travel Journal

Oh Samoa! Living on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific–complete with bananas and coconuts galore–you’d think that I never want to leave.

SESSIONS: JereMia is expecting!

SESSIONS: JereMia is expecting!

EXPECTING SOON Over 2 sessions in the last couple months, I got to watch Jeremy and Mia's (here dubbed "JereMia") little family grow with the addition of their first baby--Jones. At our last session, I took photos of JereMia and that adorable baby bump. Which, by the...



This is Mia. Now that she's pregnant, I've been calling her Mama Mia. It suits her. She's got that radiant glow of life beaming from her smile and laughter. In just 2 more months, she'll welcome her little bundle of joy. So she will have a million more reasons to...

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