SESSIONS: JereMia is expecting!

Jan 29, 2016 | Photography | 0 comments


Over 2 sessions in the last couple months, I got to watch Jeremy and Mia’s (here dubbed “JereMia”) little family grow with the addition of their first baby–Jones.

At our last session, I took photos of JereMia and that adorable baby bump. Which, by the way, you could barely even tell when you saw her from the front or back. It was really just from her side profile that made it obvious she was pregnant! And she was already 36 months!

It was just after 6pm, and Mia had just gotten off of work.

She’d been working an extra 2 hours after work for the past couple of weeks to build up extra compensatory time (because local government jobs don’t offer paid maternal leave). And she was due very soon–in the next month!

Jeremy and Mia jumped out of their big white truck and led me to their house along the main road in Faganeanea.

Jeremy took off his hat and tousled his hair.

Mia applied an easy coat of lipstick and took a quick look in the mirror while offering me a glass of wine, and they were ready.

The sun was going down quickly.

We took photos in front of the house and around the yard, then ran across the road to the seawall for some snaps in front of the ocean, the rock landmark, and the bus stops.


I mostly asked them silly questions, and we giggled over Mia’s baby mama waddle.

I told them to talk to each other while I was across the road snapping in between cars passing by. I wanted it to be natural… They were in their element, why not show it?

Actually most of these photos are candid! There were just a few incidents where I told Mia to cup her belly (so that you could see her bump better); told them to hold hands; or directed Jeremy to look at Mia lovingly and talk to her instead of to the camera.

Other than that, Jeremy and Mia were naturals in front of the camera, and it took us less than an hour!

The sun had just set, on their last weeks before parenthood, and they’re eagerly looking forward to new days as mom and dad.


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