Adventures with Shivaun: Part 2

Adventures with Shivaun: Part 2

Even though we live on a tiny island where road trips are not really a thing, it’s still super fun to get on the road with friends and enjoy the ride.

This beauty.

me: “Look here!”

me: “Can you all stand up”

me: “Wacky one!”

*me: says nothing*

*everybody: shows their booty*

And then comes the awkward family photos…

And Shivaun dramatically portraying her departure from the island

We waited for the sun to go down and watched the lights slowly flicker on below us.

Love this human

We’re all from different places, backgrounds and experiences

but how cool is it that this little island brings us together like this

See Adventures with Shivaun: Part 1, where we drive west to Amanave.

Also, our Clothing Swap that morning was a lot of fun.

Spontaneous date nights around the island

Spontaneous date nights around the island

Spontaneous date nights are the best.

Especially when we skip the restaurant and just get on the road, have the best convos on the drive, and stop to appreciate the beauty all around us.

The plains of American Samoa from the lookout in Aoloau.

This day was just a regular ol’ Wednesday.

I’d been working late a lot lately, so it was nice to go home before nightfall and convince Ian that we should get out of the house.

And good thing I had the camera in the car because I love to remember these moments in pictures.

We watched the street lights slowly flicker on as the night got darker, and the sun dipped below the mountain behind us. 

PHOTO DIARY: Aoloau Lights

PHOTO DIARY: Aoloau Lights

A super cute night, all lit up with Christmas magic at Aoloau. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who felt super Christmas-y this year, because the entire village of Aoloau got together and each family decorated a “tree” made up of lights and garlands along the road up to the lookout that oversees the Tafuna plains.