Journal 9/52: Childhood Memories

Journal 9/52: Childhood Memories

Journal 9/52: Childhood Memories

Random childhood memories, no clear faves.

Bunkbed blanket forts with my sister and brother. We all shared a room at one point and so we would make our own space in these blanket forts and call it our room. We were engineering geniuses.

My dad picking up my sister and I from kindergarten school with juice boxes.

Mom and dad bringing home Lunchables and Pringles snacks; we dragged our kid sized table and chairs into our tiny closet and pretended it was our clubhouse. We would occasionally kick my brother out when he was being a brat.

Diaries! Usually pink and glossy with a tiny gold padlock. My sister and I strung the key to our necklaces or hid them in secret spots. Also journaling and collaging a lot, and my sticker collection! Oh good times – I was such a nerd about my memory books – still am!

Hoarding stuffed animals. All of which I named, of course. I strived to be cozy every night and snuggle with each and every one of them. I included them in my prayers before I went to sleep.

My 7th birthday at A&A Pizza. That was THE spot back in the day. My mom told me I could invite some of my friends and I had to think long and hard about who all my friends were and if I really wanted them there. That was when I just began to learn about the value of friendship.

Eating vi leaves off the tree in the back of the church with Jireh. Someone told me it was good for me, so I ate a lot of leaves.

The smell of Pritchard’s bakery bread.

That year we had a swimming pool in our garage.

Discovering my love for shrimp at a friend’s birthday party. Everyone was in the next room playing games and I was gobbling down on the shrimp so fast – I thought someone was gonna find me and oke me.

Water balloon fights and getting caked in the face on my birthday. Squealing like a little piggy because I was so happy to have cake all over my face (and not have to eat it lol)