Moonrise Over the Ocean

Moonrise Over the Ocean

The neighborhood dogs are howling into the night, echoing each other without a pause, as I walk over the freshly cut grass of the lawn, past the paved road, and climb up the wooden steps to the treehouse. My husband and several of our friends are sitting on the pier, listening to island jams, sipping on beers, and nibbling on chips being passed around to share. I set my camera up on my mini tripod, attaching it to my massive Sigma 105mm f/1.4 fixed lens. I look down at my watch and it’s a little past 9pm. The moon would be rising soon. I rest the tripod on the thick teak wood rail of the treehouse and fiddle with the camera’s manual mode when I see a razor thin orange outline in the horizon. The moon slowly peeked out from the imaginary line in the sky and I snap away silently while the muffled conversation dims. Everyone gazed at this wondrous muted yellow orange orb grow bright and high in the sky, interrupted by the occasional cloud rolling through. The cool ocean breeze gives me goosebumps and I wrap my linen button-up a little tighter for warmth.

Roaring 20s Birthday Party in the Treehouse

Roaring 20s Birthday Party in the Treehouse

Roaring 20’s: Island Style

Celebrating Ian’s last year as a 20-something

Ian just turned 29, and in honor of his last year as a 20-something, we had a “Roaring 20’s” theme party, island style, in the treehouse! We couldn’t really do too much of a gatsby-esque theme since we were all pretty much wearing swimsuits, but we gave it minimal effort for maximum enjoyment. Big shout out to my amazing friends for helping me plan and set up for the party, and to all of our friends who showed up and helped us celebrate our special guy.

The sun shone for the first time in a really long time just for his birthday! And between champagne towers, festoon lights, puppies galore, shared finger foods, homemade chocolate cake, flare candles, SUP surf sessions, good music, and GREAT friends–it was a truly memorable night.

Happy birthday Ian! We love you!

My home on the reef

My home on the reef

My home on the reef.

I had come home from work and the tide was high and the sun was low in the horizon.

It was one of those days where the weather is just right, and the water is inviting you in. 


Coconut Point sunset


*sighs* marine debris *smh*

dip dive

staghorn coral village

underwater home




wish upon a starfish

it was a blur

do you see it?

moray eeeeeeel

ready for his closeup

always love these views

a diverse environment

Backyard bonfire

Backyard bonfire

October 13, 2019.

Bonfire, ava, and food.

Hangin’ with our community of neighbors and our pups last Sunday in the backyard.

Good vibes all around.

Summer’s coming

Summer’s coming

The tradewinds are calming down.

It’s bittersweet to know that summer is on its way.

I’ll miss the windy breeze blowing in from the beach to keep us cool at home. 

At the same time, I’m looking forward to flat seas and getting in the water more. 

We went out last week and the wind had just come down from 30 knots to a more manageable wind speed for swimming at the beach. Our friend’s daughter, Eve, was out playing with her friend when saw us heading out and asked to come snorkeling with us. She went without fins, and did surprisingly well swimming against the current. I’m so happy to get back in the water and see my fish friends again.

Dear summer, more days like these, please.

Weekends Living LifeProof

Weekends Living LifeProof

Next to dogs, smartphones are a modern man/woman’s best friend.

And more likely than not, you’re probably just a wee little bit addicted to your phone.

Am I right or am I right?

In my family, I’ve been known as the person who always breaks or loses their phone. Yeah, I’m that person in the group… my dad especially likes to make fun of me for losing phones (well, and a Canon DSLR camera… oh and a DJI Phantom drone) to ocean-related accidents… Okay, so maybe I deserve the banter.

I used to get the cheapy waterproof bags, or was too trusting of those “water resistant” phones, and I would still lose or break my phone because of water damage.

I can’t help it, I’m in and around the ocean a lot.

But, not anymore!

I mean, not that I won’t be in the water as often, but I mean, I won’t be known as the person who always breaks or loses their phone any longer! I got LifeProof’s waterproof case for my iPhone and it’s miraculously kept my phone safe from all elemental harm.

Here are some photos that my fiancé snapped of me and our pup Yodi in the Pala Lagoon a couple weekends ago.

Also, how sick is this backpack? Also from LifeProof. I stuck my tiny fins and snorkel gear in there, and of course tucked some agua in there to keep me hydrated.

If you’re in the market for a wateproof phone case, I highly recommend the LifeProof FRĒ case. It’s water proof, dirt proof, drop proof, and snow proof. Or their Squamish 20L day bag, great for adventures.


Just a disclaimer: All thoughts and words are my own. I’m a #LifeProofAmbassador, which means I was gifted with these items in exchange for photos, and I was not paid to write this (though that would’ve pretty cool lol).


Sessions: Mareike [moana/azul] – Part 3

Sessions: Mareike [moana/azul] – Part 3

Part 3 of the session with Mareike.

[ moana / azul ]

Snapped these on the same morning as part 1 and part 2 of this session, using Mareike’s Canon G12 camera and underwater housing. It was such a dream to shoot Mareike in this setting… the beach is our home. I think I met her for the first time at this very beach. I’d been meaning to take her photos for the longest time, so for it to finally happen makes me so happy. And the photos came out awesome too! She actually gifted me with the camera that I used for this shoot, and I feel so lucky to have a friend like her in my life.

Sessions: Mareike (island style) – Part 2

Sessions: Mareike (island style) – Part 2

Part 2 of the sunrise session with Mareike.

This beautiful woman is a scientist. Her love for the ocean has taken her all over the world, drifting to American Samoa about 5 years ago. She is art–she embraces the ink of the islands etched on her skin to tell her story. Since we’ve met, we’ve gone on many adventures, shared many conversations, and laughed and danced together more times than I can even remember. She has become a neighbor and a friend, and I’m stoked to capture her essence on this beautiful morning just as the sun kisses the ocean and we thrive on another beautiful day in the islands.

There were SO MANY shots that I absolutely loved from this session, so here’s a good chunk of it.

SESSIONS: Kate & Taylor / Sunrise besties

SESSIONS: Kate & Taylor / Sunrise besties

Life is better with friends.



What are your friendships like?

This one is silly, loving, and adventurous!



This session was from a few weekends ago…

Early 6am wakeup call to capture the friendship of these two dedicated teachers turned island sisters. We were greeted by warm sunbeams and a cool zephyr. Playing music on an iPhone. Dancing on the beach. Making silly faces. Reenacting my proposal from just a couple days ago. Laughing a lot. Climbing coconut trees. Falling off of coconut trees. Laying in the grass. Laughing some more.

I’ve gotten to know these beautiful women over the years, and they’ve been nothing but sweetness and kindness. Kate and Taylor are true gems, and I had so much shooting these with them.

Sessions: Monica and Setefano

Sessions: Monica and Setefano

A memorable photo session with Monica and Setefano for their senior prom.

This was my first ‘official’ shoot with my new camera–a Sony A7III (I’ve named it “Three”!)–and I was so nervous because I still wasn’t fully accustomed to the Sony system after switching from Canon. I’m still getting the hang of it. But I love love loved how all the photos turned out! Monica and Setefano were dressed to the nines and should have automatically been voted cutest couple and prom king and queen! Monica was absolutely stunning in her perfectly paired outfit and accessories, and Setefano was slick and cool in his complementing maroon two piece suit. I shot and directed for a little over an hour while we swayed to the music blaring from my little  speakers, and we created some magic and called it a wrap as the sun fully set behind us.

Thanks to Charmaine, for asking me to capture these special moments, and to Aunty Ula and the fam for your fun and positive energy.


Photo Journal: Aqua Family

Photo Journal: Aqua Family

[ Photo journal from January 23, 2019 ]

A sunny afternoon at Coconut Point with the whole gang, my aqua family.

Not a lot of words, but many great memories.