Liuasi and Sima

Document the moments

you feel

most in love with yourself

what you’re wearing,

who you’re around,

what you’re doing.

Recreate and repeat.

– Warsan Shire

It’s raining right now and I’m making a mental note to self that I need an outdoor shower in my future home lol

googles how to build a house

beaming babes

from back in January

during the gov shutdown

June 3, 2019 – dinner at Sadies by the Sea with the gang. a tofā (farewell) dinner for our lovely Ms. Kate.



“Quiet doesn’t need to mean boring or unfulfilling, it doesn’t show that you’re any less hard working or any less deserving of special opportunities, it just means that things have changed, your list of priorities are different to others and as always, those differences are what makes you beautiful.” – Megan Ellaby

26th. Always Grateful.

26th. Always Grateful.

Before today ends, I just want to share how incredibly grateful I am for these 26 years of living. From the sweet treats by my coworkers, to scuba diving a new site and getting buzzed by a turtle, hammocking on the beach with friends, listening to live music, getting gifted with pearls, a donation to my fave nonprofit, and the adventure fund, and a super rad Earth Day Everyday shirt from Ian (and designed by his talented coworker Valentine), all the back rubs and TLC from my main squeeze, ahhh and eating way too much good food… This weekend has been absolutely exceptional!

Plus, we officially booked our Puerto Rico leg of our May trip and got confirmation from our great friends that they’ll be meeting us there!! I’m thrilled for a new year of growth, learnings, and adventures!

Photo credit: Ian M – My boo, my babe. The best boyfriend and support system in the whole dang world. I’m blessed to have such a cutie pizzle. ❤️

Coco’s Picnic Party

Coco’s Picnic Party

Cheers to Colette!

Styled this little picnic party with a couple girlfriends to celebrate Coco’s birthday.

The night air was cool and breezy, and we feasted on apps and this magnificent view!

Always love a little girl time <3