In case these are new abbreviations to you, welcome to the year 2020! It stands for “A Work From Home Outfit Of The Day”, which is what this is. A single outfit of the day that’s worthy of a mirror selfie.

The nice thing about WFH is that I can wear anything I want. The bad thing about WFH is also that I can wear anything I want…

I’ve mostly been wearing pajamas, leggings, tshirts, shorts, or if I’m feeling extra spicy, I’ll wear my swimsuits which are dually functional on extra hot days to keep me cool, and so I can go straight to the beach after the 9-5.

Some days I put in more effort than others.

“Some days” don’t happen very often, but when they do, I might take a mirror selfie to share.

Take this day for example…

ootd mirror selfie

I started off with a basic grey t-shirt that I’ve had for forever, and I almost put on my usual black leggings, but then I found these cream culottes that I got as a gift 4 years ago from Niu 2 You thrift shop owner, Rine. I’ve actually never worn it because firstly, I never know what to wear it with, and secondly, because I forgot I had it. After a little closet organizing, I pulled them out from the far reaches of my closet and finally decided to wear them. It was très cute, compared to my other WFH outfits.

diamond and raw emerald rings
Nerelle side profile, earrings

And since I was at it, I picked out some bold jewelry I never wear.

I almost never wear rings, except for my engagement ring, but I wore this sizeable raw emerald ring I bought in Jaipur, India, when I was doing my summer study abroad in 2012.

Then I donned these cute cheapy earrings I got from Forever 21 a while ago, and that was the fitttt.

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at a fashion blog post. Gotta try something new everyday right?

Happy quarantining!