TGIF Christmas Weekend

TGIF Christmas Weekend


Just got out of work and I’m so so so excited for the Christmas weekend!

We opened our Day 22 advent gifts.

I got Ian polarized sunglasses made of recycled skateboard wood, and they can float in water.

And Ian got me 2 tupperwares of takeout from Double Z’s!!!! I am obsessed with Double Z’s teri and katsu plates so I was vvvvvery happy with my present! Ian wins today lol.

The sunset was beautiful. Ian took Yodi for a walk and I journaled for a bit.

We ate dinner and watched “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” in bed on the big screen (our wall).

We headed to the airport to pick up my parents but there was a stupid police roadblock and they ticketed us for what they said was a broken light but it’s just a different colored light! We were so bummed. I called my parents and they said their friends picked them up so we turned around and finished our movie. Bummed about that, but that won’t put me down. This weekend is going to be awesome!