Life Lately: Weekend Blurb

Life Lately: Weekend Blurb

I was listening to Spotify the other day and I realized I don’t know any of the artists anymore. I honestly haven’t been paying attention to pop culture music, except for some of the top 40’s that play nonstop on the radio – but those are like years old anyway. I wonder if other millennials have the same experience. Maybe it’s because I live on an island, but I thiink it’s because of the “Discover” option / genius playlists–like my music is selected for me now, I just tell it if I like it or not. #MillennialProblems

Ian is on Rose Atoll right now!!! If you don’t know where that is, it’s a very very very tiny remote uninhabited island that is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It’s so tiny, with vegetation no taller than 6 feet, that it may disappear due to climate change within my lifetime. And entrance to the island is prohibited unless you apply for a research permit. I’m low key jealous because I’m from American Samoa but he gets more opportunities to explore the outer islands than the average Samoan because he’s in science. It kinda makes me wish I was in a science field too.

Also, Ian has my camera (I told him to take a bunch of photos since I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to visit Rose Atoll) so I haven’t taken any photos this weekend. I have another camera here at home but only one battery that gets shared between both so I guess I should buy an extra battery.

It’s like 3am right now and I’m watching chick flicks on Netflix, cuddling with my cat, cozied up under the covers and writing this blog post. This multitasking – I like.

But I should probably go to bed now. Goodnight.