Another French Polynesia sailing photo blog

Another French Polynesia sailing photo blog

Did you read the title of this post?

You guessed it.

It’s another French Polynesia photo journal!

(soooo many good memories)











Polly taking a dip beside the boat

Spotted a huge stingray… there were actually a few of them!

Ian checking out possible anchorages for tomorrow

Me. by Ian.

Just a little seasick.

But still so happy

and grateful.


More sailing / underwater / french polynesia photo blogs to come!

Sailing French Polynesia | Part 2

Sailing French Polynesia | Part 2

Part 2 of sailing in French Polynesia (continued).

We got these maps that showed us all the anchorages on Raiatea and Taha’a

Still a bit stunned at how beautiful this boat is, the view is, the food is, and my life is.

The morning we sailed out of Hurepiti Bay,

we were greeted by a pod of dolphins!

I was so excited I could only take blurry pics haha

Ian and Rick figured out the lazy susan and the sails are up! 

The wind was picking up a lottt so this was just one of the few times we had the sails going.


Above: a view of Taha’a.

Below: of course I had to ask Ian to get a photo of me and Bora Bora in the background!

Rick looks like a millionaire on a yacht hahah

First mate Polly rigging up the sails like a pro (while also being a total fashionista!)

And this is quite possibly my favorite photo of Rick and Polly so far!

I’m thinking Italian Job. Like big baller big baller. Like museum heist artists. Like classy bank robbers.

Aren’t they just the coolest?!

And here’s my guy looking like an outdoorsy waterman, living his dream lol

This was my favorite anchorage. We were in between the aquamarine blue and navy blue waters, where shallow meets deep. And next to Le Taha’a Island Resort, Motu Tautau, and with a magnificent view of Bora Bora.

The men taking us into the shallow lagoon. We had like 8 inches between our hulls and the sand! 
Just a dreamy place.

The blue waters were so insane. I’ve never seen such a vibrant and drastic color/depth difference in the ocean. And Bora Bora looked so mysterious in the distance.

This little island is home to Le Taha’a Island Resort, the fanciest resort in all of French Polynesia. And right next to it is Motu Tautau, where we dinghied to for some of the best snorkeling I’ve ever seen. A drift snorkel lagoonarium, they called it. It was so cool (photos to come!)


Sailing Sea Casa with friends

Sailing Sea Casa with friends

Weekend Day Sail with SV Sea Casa

Connor Jackson is a friend of a friend crossed the South Pacific on a 31′ Hunter named Sea Casa. Our mutual friend Michele, who used to live here in American Samoa and worked with Ian at the National Park, told us he was coming in and we were stoked to hang out with him and a few friends this weekend for a day sail on the southern Tutuila coast.

It was dumping rain most of the morning but we motored out of the harbor anyway and our good attitudes were rewarded with a little wind and a lot of sun for a glorious arvo.

Needless to say, I got seasick and prepared myself for this with a thumb of ginger I bought just before we hopped on the boat. I was just gnawing away at it and burped a bunch, and then puked my perfect bacon and egg open sammich breakfast not once but thrice in the 5 hours we were out. It was still a blast!

Connor and Ian had the good sense to jump off the boat when we got over the shallow part of the Taema banks, and we all quickly followed in. It felt so so so good to get off the rocking boat for a bit. It was a super calm day and the water was the perfect temperature. I wish I felt well enough to take more photos, but no complaints because Ian took most of these pics and it turned out to be an awesome day!

Sailing again and getting seasick

Sailing again and getting seasick

Round 2 of sailing adventures in California thanks to Rick!

A sunny Tuesday in Los Angeles. Drove out to Redondo Beach King Harbor Marina and boarded the SV Gitana where Ian and Rick moved quickly – and before I knew it, we were past the breakwater with Rick at the helm and Ian on the lines. He unfurled the sail and then the jib, and we went flying. The wind was pleasantly strong for the first hour.

It was so fun to get behind the wheel with the wind in the sail; I was laughing hysterical and nervous because I was holding myself up sideways and kept thinking I was going to heel us over and tip. Ian and Rick assured me that was hard to do.

From 15 knots down to 2 knots, the wind died in the second hour and we ate lunch. I downed 3 cans of ginger ale because I get seasick and was hoping it would help. I just looked it up and it looks like ginger itself helps with nausea but but ginger ale has too much sugar to have the same effect. Yup, learned that the hard way because I did eventually end up getting seasick and it wasn’t pretty. Although I think it was really because I had to go below to pee (from drinking 3 cans of ginger ale), and being in that tight little bathroom oh man my head felt like it was a lava lamp.

Ian and Rick tacked several more times within the hour to find the wind but it was a bust and they took us back to the Marina where I immediately felt better.

It was still so much fun, and I will definitely be taking a whole ginger with me the next time!

Sailing in Oxnard, California

Sailing in Oxnard, California

Last week was some of my most relaxed days over the last year. We were in the cozy town of Oxnard, California for Ian’s family reunion. We would sleep in, walk barefoot to Silver Strand beach barely a block away, and lounged all day until the big family dinner every night, followed by game night. Such bliss.

This particular day strayed just a bit from the routine though.

Rick chartered a 34-foot Hunter style sailboat called the SV Emmanuel. We were all so pumped! We started at the Channel Islands Harbor marina and took two trips – a short one for the kids just to the breakwater, and another longer trip with the adults for several hours. Rick and Ian took the helms and Chris helped open the sail and jib as we sailed out of the marina. Then I got to steer us into deeper waters for the next few hours! Uncle Bob and Ian helped me learn how to recognize the wind and then use the compass to keep a specific direction. Once I got the hang of it, it made so much sense. We sailed pretty far but had to head back by evening for dinner and I tried to park the boat in the marina but let Rick take over after my first failed attempt. Looks like I’ll need some extra practice… so we’re going sailing again tomorrow! This time in Redondo Beach!

Until next time

xo, Relly