I’m a LifeProof Ambassador!

I’m a LifeProof Ambassador!

I’m a LifeProof Ambassador!




The Back Story

Remember how I lost my phone at the Nu’uuli waterfall several weeks ago? You can read that story here.

[Cliff notes: We narrowly escaped a flash flood and I’ve been a bit traumatized to go back to find it.]

I figured it was a goner at that point, thinking it would have been swept away by a stream or hidden deep in the muddy rainforest.

Well, 2 weeks later, my co-worker Val and I went back to show some visitors to the waterfall, and Val found my phone! I was so excited and relieved.

I inspected the phone and saw some mold behind the home button screen (it was an iPhone 6s so the home button has a small clear flimsy film that keeps the button from getting wet). I wasn’t keeping my hopes up that it would turn back on, and I had already ordered a new iPhone which was on the way. But just in case, I bought a small bag of rice, pulled off the LifeProof case and tucked my iPhone in the bag of rice. I went away to Apia for the long weekend, leaving my phone behind still sitting in rice.

Cut to a few days later… Ian and I just got back from our long weekend trip. I was putting my stuff away, and saw the bag of rice that contained my iPhone. Not thinking too much about it, I plugged it in to the wall charger, and saw that it was charging. I felt a little spark of hope, and showed it to Ian. He said to keep it charging and see what happens. It could have a damaged screen, or the buttons might not work, or maybe the camera wouldn’t flash, or the audio might just not work anymore. I wasn’t holding my breath… I went back to my usual lounging around and decompressing after time traveling. But then, a couple of hours later, I went back to check on the phone, and it was all charged up and seemed to be working like nothing even happened! Like, a technological Frankenstein!

Now that it’s working completely normally, I must admit. I low-key kind of knew that my phone was going to survive because it was in the LifeProof case.

I was going to go back to the waterfall the day after the flash flood but I felt a bit scared to go back. And then I was gonna try going back with Sara and Chase a few days later after work, but it was raining and again, I was still a bit terrified. I might have also been a tad bit lazy, but that’s besides the point. However, I knew better than to keep my hopes up after finding it 2 weeks later. I love my LifeProof case, but like I mentioned before, I thought it was a goner. So you can imagine how incredibly stoked I was to see it come back to life!

My friends jokingly told me I should reach out to LifeProof to get sponsored. Instead, I did what all millennials with an instagram account do, I posted on instagram and tagged LifeProof (in hopes they would see it). Well, they did! Someone at LifeProof messaged me asking to be a brand ambassador, and I was like YES! We corresponded on emails and yeah, I’m a LifeProof Ambassador now!

What does it mean to be a brand ambassador?

In my completely newbie experience, I’ve learned it means pretty much exactly what it sounds like–I rep LifeProof by using their products (which I already was doing before!). The cool thing is that they sent me a big box filled with a bunch of phone cases and a sweet new backpack, and in return I just had to send them a couple of photos that they could eventually use–kind of like as a real-life advertisement. I’m essentially telling my stories about how I use (and abuse) my phone, and how the LifeProof phone case has been a true life-saver! There really is no other phone case I would rather use.

*Just a note, they aren’t paying me to blog about this. I did receive several cases for free though and a backpack (!!!) which I think is very cool. Does this make me an influencer?! LOL the answer is no. I actually hate that word 😛