DIY Upcycled Tahiti-Inspired 2-Piece Outfit

DIY Upcycled Tahiti-Inspired 2-Piece Outfit

My best friend was doing a closet clean out, and said I could keep whatever I wanted.

This bright red puletasi skirt, a hand-me-down from her mom, stuck out among the pile, and the color and print reminded me vividly of French Polynesia.

During that amazing trip last year, I actually really wanted to get a lavalava with pretty much this exact color/tropical print, but I couldn’t find it anywhere except on the beautiful dancers at the Heiva i Tahiti.

So I was stoked to get this skirt, and continue its life cycle in slow fashion.

It took me a while to figure out what I should do with it, but I loved the simplicity of what the skirt was before and decided to keep the structure of the skirt, only shortening it to use the rest of the fabric as a stretchy tube top.

It was a quick and easy upcycle project, but I loved the end result!