Cueva Ventana | Puerto Rico Travel Diary

Cueva Ventana | Puerto Rico Travel Diary

Some photos I snapped while on a walking tour of Cueva Ventana, or “Window Cave” in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
We followed our local guide on a short educational hike learning about the flora and fauna of Puerto Rico.
A petroglyph with unknown origins, and unfortunately some vandalism in the cave.

Tried to spot bats but they were tiny and mostly just hung around the darkest parts of the cave.

I was surprised to learn that Cueva Ventana is not actually a state-sponsored conservation forest as I initially thought, but rather a privately owned historic preservation site.

View from inside the cave, looking up at the stairs we descend from.



The magnificent “window” view from Cueva Ventana overlooking the Rio Grande dé Arecibo valley.

Our guide told us to look out for the cave residents, aka Matilda, the Puerto Rican boa constrictor. Needless to say, we got a little jumpy when we had to turn off our torches and navigated through the dark parts of the cave so we wouldn’t disturb our animal friends.

Our friends – Eli and Victoria – adoring each other and the view.