Monday Day Dreaming

Monday Day Dreaming

Happy Monday friends!

It’s that time of the week again. A brand new day to start again, or to continue trucking on.

Today’s mood board is about the simple things in life. I am definitely living one version of my dream life here at home, for which I am so grateful.

I am soaking up the sun, swimming in the rain, and dancing in my living room with my love.

When I think about how I would like to add to my life currently… I want to make room in my life for more art and creativity, more heart to heart conversations, and more healthy habits.

How will you make your dreams your reality this week?

Cheers to a great Monday, day dreamers!

xo, Nerelle

Mood Board

Mood Board

I’m starting a new category on my website, filed under “Mood Board”, where I will be sharing things from around the Internet that inspire and motivate me, like quotes, graphic art, and words of wisdom to share.

And of course, credit to where credit is due… I linked to where I found them on Pinterest.

The theme for this mood board is affirmations and wellness (and my favorite color is green).

These are just some vibes that I am channeling this week, plus gratitude for my health and wealth.

Hope you’re all well, safe, and enjoying the sunshine whenever you can!

xo, Nerelle



Hey girl, heyyy!

You look good… REAL good.

You are beautiful exactly as you are, and you will continue to grow in beautiful, miraculous ways.

Your body is a temple… Unique in shape, size, and features.

You are LIVING in this body. This body is LIVING for you.

Take a moment to appreciate your body, and what it does for you.

Your patterned brown skin lets you feel the warmth of the sun, the chill of the first dip in the ocean.

Your dark brown eyes let you see the vibrant colors of your world and the faces of the people you hold dear.

Your long dark hair adds flair and personality, growing and changing like you do.

Your cute lil button nose helps you recall the sweet memories associated with the fragrances of your past.

Your hands are special because they create and mold things into art.

Your beautiful body contains a big brain and a loving heart so you should know and love your body, and carry it with CONFIDENCE.