So thankful for my Bluesky marketing fam who still make me feel like I’m part of the team even though I’m not working there anymore! So sweet. Thanks coco and siau!

My heart burst at how cute this is!

Glowing with gratitude

Glowing with gratitude

Not much can compare

to the sweet                     satisfaction of a

life well lived, a moment well spent.

Gratitude melts

                                      in my mouth                        like a treat.

I have no words, but

                                 a medley of feelings that sing        from the heart.

It brings me           closer to myself.

When the crisp cool breeze

                 tickles the tiny hairs behind my ears.

And I find myself


at deep hues           fallen from

                                    rainbows in the skies.

I inhale,       exhale,                           and let it simmer.

There is joy here,

                                   and I intend to keep it.

Sunset SUP and a Cruise Ship

Sunset SUP and a Cruise Ship

Photos from earlier this month. The MSC Magnifica had just made its maiden voyage to American Samoa in the morning, and after a short 12-hour visit, left the Pago Harbor that evening. We just got off work, and the water looked too good not to get in. Ian and Paolo paddled out to SUP surf while I tied up to the buoy, and watched this glorious golden hour scene.

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