Today after work, I asked my husband if he liked my style, and he answered “I love your style!” with so much more energy and zest than I was expecting, and then he he paused and said “unapologetically!”

It’s nice to know I made good choices in my wardrobe and in choosing an amazing husband 🥰

Reminders To Self

Reminders To Self

The last few weeks have been up and down and all around for me. I’ve been finding myself to be more distracted these days, less motivated, and out of rhythm in my routines… and that sucks. I’m working on feeling all these feelings, processing, letting go, and trying to constructively get myself out of this rut.

This lil mood board includes some visual inspo to remind myself to take things one step at a time, magnify appreciation for the little joys of life, and just have fun — life’s too short to be boring!

Sending all my love and good vibrations to wherever you are.

xoxo, Nerelle

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