Oh Starry Night

Something so serene about lying in the dark looking up at nature’s night lights… A friend texted me early Wednesday evening to look out for a meteor shower that was peaking at 1am. It was only 8pm but we grabbed our big pillows and blankets and drove to our usual vista in Vaitogi. We laid in the back of the truck ready to behold the Geminids Meteor Shower. We didn’t stay out for long but for the 45 minutes we were out there we caught a glimpse of 4 shooting stars illuminating the starry sky.

Didn’t manage to get any of the comets on camera

but that’s life, fleeting.

Pacific Roots Open Mic #12

It’s been a year and some months since the last Pacific Roots Open Mic (a.k.a. “PROM”). A lot of the “usuals” have left the island and if you were worried that there would be less performances, you’d be wrong. Fresh new talents got up and spilled their struggles, their criticisms, their voices out on a borrowed stage.

Between spoken word, original poetry, reenactments, singing, rapping, instrument playing, and excerpts read aloud – that Tuesday night was not short of encouragement from an audience of young adults all different walks of life.

Shout out once again to Tamiano Gurr, owner of Pacific Roots and fellow poet, for inspiring us all and providing a real life/offline social platform.

Journal 3/52: Five Things To Do More

Week 3 of Mindful Journaling:

Five things you would like to do more?

1) This was the first thing that came to mind as it’s been high up on my list of goals lately. I would like to TRAVEL MORE. To an unexpected country, a land full of rich history. Experience new cultures and new environments. Meet people and see things differently. Photograph and document those memories. And eventually figure out how to be more than a tourist passing by.


2) This year I made it a point to create uninhibitedly. I want to carry this practice to next year, and something I really want to do is to CREATE MORE SHAREABLE WORK. I’m not sure what exactly that would be, but something worthy of sharing. Significant to my life and maybe impactful to others. Whether it’s photos, or a piece of artwork, or even a blog post! haha


3) I was going to say I wanted to work out more, but that doesn’t motivate me. So instead, I want to simply BE MORE ACTIVE. That not only applies to building myself up physically, but also putting my mind to work. Do those puzzles you used to love, do the daily sudoku when you’re checking out your horoscope, write down new words and add them to your vocab.


4) This is similar to #3 but I want to emphasize this and do more of this. LEARN NEW THINGS VORACIOUSLY; flex my intelligence and constantly sate my appetite with new skills. Been meaning to learn morse code? [ -..  — / ..  –  —. ] (Do it!) Interested in baking your own banana bread? Bake the damn best banana bread anyone’s ever had. And to use what I learn to work smarter not harder.


5) In the last couple of years, I’ve become acutely aware of the relationship between our human lifestyles and the state of our environment. Which is why I want to BE A BETTER HUMAN IN THIS WORLD. Do more recycling. Compost. Think sustainably, lean towards earth friendly products and resources, research what I am consuming, and seriously consider how my decisions impacts planet Earth.


Yodi’s Waterfall Adventure

Yodi has always been comfortable in the ocean. Since she was a pup, she’s followed us on our paddle boards and spent multiple hours swimming alongside us, even beyond the reef. A couple weekends ago, we took Yodi on her first adventure away from the ocean, at the Nu’uuli Waterfall. We crossed the river and cut through some overgrown brush to get there and Yodi was a bit cautious at first. Her senses heightened when we got to the loud waterfall falling in waves in front of us. But as soon as Ian got in the water she jumped in comfortably and chased fresh water fish for the rest of our time there.

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