Made Box Cushion Covers

Made Box Cushion Covers

Ian had previously mentioned that our seat covers for the living room chair was getting old and had some water stains we tried washing out but wouldn’t budge. So last weekend, I picked up a few yards of this gray cotton patterned fabric from Manu’a store, and sewed these box cushion covers to update one of our second-hand chairs in the living room (both are secondhand from neighbors).

Because we’ve been using our studio office space primarily as our WFH stations, I set up Sista (my sewing machine) on the kitchen/living room table, and used the floor as my cutting space.

I liked both photos with exposure of inside and outside views. It was a beautiful day, but it was so humid and hot. At a later point, I had to ask Ian to put up a makeshift curtain to keep me shaded.

I was actually in a grumpy mood (probably because it was so hot and I was sweating bullets) when I made these so the covers are sewn quite a bit sloppy and a little too large for the actual cushions, but more importantly it’s functional and still looks nicer than the old covers.

Here’s the completed sewn box cushion covers! I like the color and the pattern a lot, it fits our tiny bright living room space. I have leftover fabric, so will probably make a fitted cover for the circle papasan chair too.