Travel that I need

Travel that I need

What a dream it has been to travel to new places! It’s always so exciting to have something to look forward to, and right now I’m looking forward to Bali in just a few more days.

I am currently at my sister’s place in Arizona, visiting with my niece and nephew for the week. They grow up so fast, it’s a constant reminder whenever I see them again of time that passes quickly, and all that’s changed in between.

This week has been very relaxing. I told myself that I would spend my time in Arizona working on things that I didn’t have time for (or bandwidth for) in American Samoa, but instead I’m forced to put my technology down and play with my nephew–he loves to bring books for me to read with him–or pick up my baby niece, who loves to be carried. It’s not every day that I’m surrounded by these adorable human beings!

And since I’m on a hardcore budget, I’ve been really good at not spending money. I almost opened up a new credit card just for this trip, but I think I’m just gonna make do with my current balance and hopefully it’s enough to last (and pay the bills)! I’m eating at home, eating leftovers, window shopping, watching netflix, playing in the pool, and just today went to a $5 baseball game.

This isn’t how I normally travel. I usually like to go places and see new things. But right now this is just what I need.