Life Lately: January at Home

Life Lately: January at Home

January has come and gone. The government shutdown has come and gone. Money has come and gone. But here we are – taking life day by day and making the most of our time at home by working on projects here and there to keep us busy, spending quality time with our furbabies and each other, watching every sunset, cozying up for movie nights, and toasting still to the good life. So lucky to have this type of love. It feels so beautiful.

Remote work.

Lagoon stills.

Coming home from Ofu to this sweet face.

Mysterious mountain.

Wind socks.

After cold showers.

The smell of basil.

Aloe to cool burns.

Sashimi fillet meals.

Bird watching in the backyard.

Soft sunset glow.

Another sunset.

Can’t get enough.

Scraps for compost and spritzers for sunsets.

La vie en rose.

Restoring a SUP.