Photo Journal: Family trip to Sedona and Grand Canyon

Photo Journal: Family trip to Sedona and Grand Canyon

A late photo journal from my first weekend of vacation with the whole family in Arizona.

After an entire day of traveling, I arrived in Phoenix late in the night, and my brother-in-law picked me up from the airport and drove us straight to Sedona, where the rest of my family was. My brother just graduated from Northern Arizona University, and to celebrate, my sister planned and hosted a weekend in a beautiful cabin in Sedona.

We drove up to the Grand Canyon the next day, where we marveled at this natural world wonder, witnessed a marriage proposal, and saw a massive condor! 

Back in Sedona, my sister gave us early Christmas gifts — matching flannel jammies! We all got warmed up around the fireplace where my brother was tending to the fire. We got some classic family photos, and played games pretty much all night. I’m so grateful for this time with family reunited for the holidays after something like 5 years apart, the celebration of my brother’s graduation, and especially for my sister who made sure we had a wonderful time.

My home on the reef

My home on the reef

My home on the reef.

I had come home from work and the tide was high and the sun was low in the horizon.

It was one of those days where the weather is just right, and the water is inviting you in. 


Coconut Point sunset


*sighs* marine debris *smh*

dip dive

staghorn coral village

underwater home




wish upon a starfish

it was a blur

do you see it?

moray eeeeeeel

ready for his closeup

always love these views

a diverse environment

Photo Journal | Surfing Alao

Photo Journal | Surfing Alao

A little photo journal from the same day as Meagan and Hideyo’s maternity session.

We were out on the east side, and the reason we had to finish our photo shoot so quickly was because the boys were itching to go surf.

High tide was about 3pm, so we left the waterfall right at 2pm so they could grab their boards and catch waves in Alao.

Meagan and I hung back at her house and ate some delicious lunch that she and Hideyo had lovingly cooked up for us, and then we joined the guys at the beach until sunset where I snapped these pics.

Sessions: Meagan + Hideyo waterfall maternity shoot

Sessions: Meagan + Hideyo waterfall maternity shoot

This is one of my favorite maternity sessions thus far, with our friends Meagan and Hideyo.

If you know Meagan and Hideyo, you’ll know that they are easy-going, hilarious, and all around just lovely people. They wanted to do an off-the-beaten-path session so they took me and Ian to this beautiful hidden waterfall in their village. Meagan was about 7 months preggo during this shoot and was moving around with such grace and ease through the dense tropical rainforest, one might have confused her with a (pregnant) woodland fairy!

We managed 3 outfit changes within about an hour for this shoot, and that’s impressive not because of me (Ian helped a lot too, and made skirts fly hahah) but because of how easy and cooperative Meagan and Hideyo were to work with. They just ran with whatever I asked them to do, and had a lot of fun doing it. They mostly did their own thing too, hugging and talking and goofing around with each other, which was fun for me and made the session so much more genuine. I can’t help but think that maternity photos are just a tiny bit cheesy (but in the best way possible), and I’m pretty sure Meagan and Hideyo would agree… you can tell because of how much fun we had with this shoot!

They’re keeping the gender a secret, like they don’t even know what the gender is yet, so it’s going to be a great big surprise on bebe’s birthday! I can’t wait to meet their little one soon!