Moonrise Over the Ocean

Moonrise Over the Ocean

The neighborhood dogs are howling into the night, echoing each other without a pause, as I walk over the freshly cut grass of the lawn, past the paved road, and climb up the wooden steps to the treehouse. My husband and several of our friends are sitting on the pier, listening to island jams, sipping on beers, and nibbling on chips being passed around to share. I set my camera up on my mini tripod, attaching it to my massive Sigma 105mm f/1.4 fixed lens. I look down at my watch and it’s a little past 9pm. The moon would be rising soon. I rest the tripod on the thick teak wood rail of the treehouse and fiddle with the camera’s manual mode when I see a razor thin orange outline in the horizon. The moon slowly peeked out from the imaginary line in the sky and I snap away silently while the muffled conversation dims. Everyone gazed at this wondrous muted yellow orange orb grow bright and high in the sky, interrupted by the occasional cloud rolling through. The cool ocean breeze gives me goosebumps and I wrap my linen button-up a little tighter for warmth.

Snorkeling in Gataivai

Snorkeling in Gataivai

Living next to a beach is pretty freaking awesome. I can get in the water as often as I want, whenever I want… well, except on Sundays unfortunately, as is the current rule in my village peninsula. So on this particular Sunday, I needed some saltwater therapy after a long week and a longer week to come, and I ventured to Gataivai beach some 20 minutes away for an arvo snorkel with my Fish Man.

I love snorkeling at Gataivai. The beach is easy to access, right off the main road, it goes from shallow sand and reefs to deep vast nothingness in a matter of a few hundred yards, meaning it scares and excites me, and I just love that there’s a variety of fish and coral, and lots of it too! Only cons are really that it’s right by the Pago Harbor, where I’ve heard of and seen (photos of, only) bull sharks coming for a visit, which terrifies me out of my wits; also that there’s a sewage treatment plant literally across the road, and sometimes it’s stinky above water, and makes me feel icky sometimes when I’m in the water too, especially after a big rain.

This photo journal is neither here nor there though… this one is about the what we saw underwater. When we got in the water, we immediately came across a casual sea turtle. There were several others in the distance, but this one we came across was munching away at algae on the reef, ignoring us mostly, and showing off a little too. We hung out with this sea turtle for probably a good 20 minutes.

Just a mini highlight of some of what we saw… We saw several juvenile humphead wrasses, tons of butterflyfish, parrotfish (small), blue damselfish, pennant bannerfish, triggerfish, and even a scorpionfish! We initially thought it was a stonefish, but after a little checking, we now think it’s a scorpionfish. It was all around a lovely snorkel.

Reliving these seemingly insignificant vignettes from moments of my life at home through photos… I am reminded that there is beauty everywhere in everything… and that time spent on doing things that bring you joy is time well spent.

Sending warmth and love to wherever you are seeing this from!



Photos by Ian Moffitt and Nerelle Moffitt

Sleepy sleepy

Sleepy sleepy

On Sunday morning, I felt so fatigued from the DIY project my husband and I started the day before; but we ran out of materials to complete the project and couldn’t drive back to Ace to get more because it was, after all, a mandatory day of rest. So I slept in… and then I took a morning nap… yup, a morning nap okay?! I am tired and I am aging!!! Our house was filthy from leaving all our project stuff out, and I actually got up out of bed in the morning and told Ian we would skip church to clean the house. But as it turns out, I did not do a thing. And bless my husband’s beautiful soul, a gift from God himself… My mister cleaned up the whole house while I really just slept all morning until the afternoon on the living room couch. I’d wake up in between my naps, stirred for only moments for a catch up call with my in-laws, read another chapter of my book, make buttered toast to scarf down… and then I’d fall back asleep to the sound of the fan whirring in my direction or the robovac humming away in and out of the nether regions of the couch. My sleepiness was relentless.

It felt so good to be so tired, and to have time to rest. Thank you to whoever in history decided weekends would be a thing… however, just two days though? Coulda been at least 3 out of 7! Hmm… I think I cat napped until about 2pm…

And then suddenly, I wanted to get outside and move my body… or preferably jump in the ocean. I found my husband sitting on the papasan chair in the studio/office reading a book, and asked meekly if he wanted to go snorkeling in Gataivai with me. The merman that he is, of course he said yes!

I grabbed my swimmers and my camera and we got on the road to Gataivai where I snapped these pics… and I’ll have many more underwater photos that I’ll post soon!

Also, before I allow myself to go to bed again… but this time because I’m writing this on a Monday night at 11:30 PM, I just want to reiterate that my husband is the absolute freakin’ best every dang day. Not just because he cleaned the house while I gently snored (probably) on the couch yesterday… he does so much that makes me smile, laugh, or pause in awe… I think I married a unicorn.

Anyway – good night!

xoxo, Nerelle



Hey girl, heyyy!

You look good… REAL good.

You are beautiful exactly as you are, and you will continue to grow in beautiful, miraculous ways.

Your body is a temple… Unique in shape, size, and features.

You are LIVING in this body. This body is LIVING for you.

Take a moment to appreciate your body, and what it does for you.

Your patterned brown skin lets you feel the warmth of the sun, the chill of the first dip in the ocean.

Your dark brown eyes let you see the vibrant colors of your world and the faces of the people you hold dear.

Your long dark hair adds flair and personality, growing and changing like you do.

Your cute lil button nose helps you recall the sweet memories associated with the fragrances of your past.

Your hands are special because they create and mold things into art.

Your beautiful body contains a big brain and a loving heart so you should know and love your body, and carry it with CONFIDENCE.