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Jul 12, 2021Lifestyle, Photo Diaries

On Sunday morning, I felt so fatigued from the DIY project my husband and I started the day before; but we ran out of materials to complete the project and couldn’t drive back to Ace to get more because it was, after all, a mandatory day of rest. So I slept in… and then I took a morning nap… yup, a morning nap okay?! I am tired and I am aging!!! Our house was filthy from leaving all our project stuff out, and I actually got up out of bed in the morning and told Ian we would skip church to clean the house. But as it turns out, I did not do a thing. And bless my husband’s beautiful soul, a gift from God himself… My mister cleaned up the whole house while I really just slept all morning until the afternoon on the living room couch. I’d wake up in between my naps, stirred for only moments for a catch up call with my in-laws, read another chapter of my book, make buttered toast to scarf down… and then I’d fall back asleep to the sound of the fan whirring in my direction or the robovac humming away in and out of the nether regions of the couch. My sleepiness was relentless.

It felt so good to be so tired, and to have time to rest. Thank you to whoever in history decided weekends would be a thing… however, just two days though? Coulda been at least 3 out of 7! Hmm… I think I cat napped until about 2pm…

And then suddenly, I wanted to get outside and move my body… or preferably jump in the ocean. I found my husband sitting on the papasan chair in the studio/office reading a book, and asked meekly if he wanted to go snorkeling in Gataivai with me. The merman that he is, of course he said yes!

I grabbed my swimmers and my camera and we got on the road to Gataivai where I snapped these pics… and I’ll have many more underwater photos that I’ll post soon!

Also, before I allow myself to go to bed again… but this time because I’m writing this on a Monday night at 11:30 PM, I just want to reiterate that my husband is the absolute freakin’ best every dang day. Not just because he cleaned the house while I gently snored (probably) on the couch yesterday… he does so much that makes me smile, laugh, or pause in awe… I think I married a unicorn.

Anyway – good night!

xoxo, Nerelle

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  1. VitaminC-GreenTea

    So beautiful. Seems like such a fun way of life to live by the beach


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