2018 was the year I invested in my sleep

Jan 27, 2019Moments

Got a memory foam pillow with neck arch support from my sweet sister. Solved my achy neck problem.

Made my first duvet cover. Took forever to make but it was worth it. And it’s gotten so much softer after washing!

Bought my first expensive pillowcase. It’s pure mulberry silk. I’ve got sensitive skin ok?!

Also got brand new KING SIZED feather down pillows so it actually fits my giant bed. And really soft Egyptian cotton pillow sham covers. So luxe like a hotel.

Then made envelope pillow covers to match my duvet cover and to fluff up my life.

And finally I took a chance and ordered a gel memory foam mattress topper, and let me tell you, it has changed my sleep game!


Room boomerang


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Inspo (credit: Tumblr)

Ian made me soup and got me all cozied up in bed when I was sick a few weeks ago.

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