Journal 2/52: My Home (and a floor plan)

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When I think of home…


Home is one of those words that have multiple meanings for me.

I think of a house, someplace cozy, a warm and comfortable bed.

It’s where I want to be on a rainy day.

It’s in the arms of my love.

It’s this tropical island that I’ve always known.

The faces and places that are etched into my heart.

The place I called home for the longest time was my parent’s house in Malaeloa. I never had my own room as a kid (I shared with my sister mostly) so my side of the room was sacred to me. It was a mess most of the time, but I loved everything about it. Like my side table chock full of notebooks, stickers, and homework. Or my bed always occupied by stuffed animals. And I will never forget me and my siblings’ bunk bed back when we lived in Tafuna, and how we would build blanket forts and have picnics and fashion shows every other day.

Today, my home is a sunny little apartment at Coconut Point. Ian and I are of the mentality that our home is our nesting place, our sanctuary, our favorite place on this island — so we’ve put a lot of love into really making this our home. And now that we have pets, it’s got extra love!

Some of my favorite things about this place I call home:

* Yodi and Officer Scruffles
* All the plants, especially the ones that feed us!
* The bookshelf
* Every room has functional table space
* The balcony feels like a little jungle
* Our DIY workbench
* All the art supplies I’ve somehow accumulated
* The pot of fins, masks, and snorkels
* Living next to the ocean so we can go snorkeling or take our boards out whenever we fancy
* Having neighbors that are also your friends
* The king size bed and all the comfy blankets and pillows
* Air conditioning on hot days
* Ian’s toolboxes
* Our list of goals on the wall
* Christmas lights we keep up whether it’s Christmas or not
* The view out of every window
* Our DIY island on wheels
* The bed desk is soooo useful
* The cast iron pans we make absolutely everything on Earlier this week I drew out a floor plan while I was thinking about what to write, and this morning I decided to digitally illustrate it! I liked it so much I decided to share it with you 🙂 It took me a few hours to complete but doing this really made me appreciate all the details (that I didn’t draw out) and made me think about my home as not just this physical space with walls and a roof but also as my fortress where I can feel safe and at peace no matter what else is going on in this crazy world.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my home and floor plan. It’s reminded me of all the reasons why I love this place I call home.


Where do you call home?

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