The first taste of travel

Feb 9, 2022Lifestyle, Travel

I’m a pisces, and I guess one of the traits my star sign is known for is that pisces can sometimes be escapists. I suppose in this way, I am in constant need of a break, a vacation, a sort of temporary sanctum to let my soul rest and reset.

Two years of this pandemic had me parched… thirsty… starving for time and space away. Even though I live in a beautiful paradise, the border lockdown made me feel like there was this invisible cage around the island suddenly and I couldn’t stretch my wings. My rock fever was high.

When my husband and I booked flights back in September for a December trip, the flights weren’t even confirmed, and it wasn’t exactly an enjoyable process because we were so anxious that we were spending all this money (the costs of travel are still outrageously expensive) and we wouldn’t even be able to go. Thankfully, things worked out.

Just the act of driving up to the Pago Pago International Airport felt like an adventure. Standing in line with our packed bags to check in for our flight felt like we had a golden ticket (we later realized we could have stood in the shorter first class line because my husband was a Pualani Gold member, which we did end up doing but after an almost two hour wait). The flight was delayed, but that’s okay because it meant we were still in travel mode, and it was exhilarating. The plane arrived and we eagerly walked the tarmac with our bags heavy and our spirits light.

We sanitized our seats, stowed our bags, and buckled up for the getaway we’ve been craving. Airplane food tasted better than it had in years, and Ian and I imbibed on the complementary hawaiian rum punch to celebrate.

I swallowed in the air of excitement and tasted color more vividly… I was rejuvenated.

And this was just the first leg of our flight/layover through Hawaii!


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