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Aug 18, 2021Moments

It’s early… like, not even 8am early… and I don’t usually get on my blog until later in the evenings when I feel a word vomit coming on, or when I have photo journals to share. I’m currently looking back at my old Tumblr and I’m up in my feels, nostalgic for the days that felt like magic because every experience was new to me. I keep hitting “random” on my Tumblr, and I’m seeing a lot of photo diaries from my travels to India with my university cohort. Photos of long distance friendships with Gabs. Exploring areas of Tucson. The word vomits back then too. So many little memories that I have pretty much forgotten about, but now remembering fondly. They are little vignettes into the nerdy quirky confident girl I was, and still am… I’m also in the midst of the slow process of updating my website. I changed the font, changed out a couple of plugins, and going to review the mobile friendliness of it. I want my website to reflect my personality and aesthetics, and a place where I can always feel inspired to log the little moments of life that make life beautiful.


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Captain Relly


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our sweet Yodi bear. pc: Ian M.

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Surf Session Post Cyclone Gita

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I love my family, and I love that my family loves each other đź’ž