Life Lately: Mid-September

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Can you believe it’s already mid-September?! Less than 100 days till all my favorite holidays!

Lately, I’m learning to live slow. I have this tendency to do too much, wasting time on things that don’t matter and don’t build me up. I still need to rid the habit of multitasking, and focus myself on my priorities.

This is my life lately in photos and paragraphs.


I love spending time in the studio, aka my 2nd happy place (the first being my bed, obviously). It’s an organized mess right now, and every day it looks a little different depending on my mood. I’ve been going through my old journals, reading my favorite blogs, binding notebooks, and sewing cotton plastic bag dispensers. I have a lot of personal projects that are on my list of creative to-do’s, and since part of slow living is appreciating the process, I’ll be sharing some photos along the way.

Nerelle Notebook

When the workbench gets cluttered and I don’t want to put things away just yet, I’ll move some work to the floor.


The yellow fabric was from my natural turmeric dye project (read more about it here).


Ian made me spicy saimin with eggs and my favorite thick cut Daily’s bacon.

Nerelle Notebook

Speaking of projects.

One of my personal projects is binding notebooks by hand. I scanned, printed, and binded this traveler’s insert notebook. The painting was from last year and I’ve been meaning to scan it and do something with it, so here it is. I was thinking of selling these on Etsy eventually because I’ve been making a whole bunch. Should I?

Nerelle Notebook
Nerelle Notebook

It’s almost Officer Scruffles’ birthday.

He’ll be 2 human years next month and I still can’t believe I’ve adopted this furball. He’s such a rascal sometimes but he’s also very sweet. Gotta love his dirty little paws too. As much as I try to keep him indoors, he’s always sneaking out on a new adventure, hanging out with his puppy friends, pouncing on anything he finds suspicious, and then coming back home and spending the evening licking his dirty paws.

Nerelle Notebook
Nerelle Notebook
Nerelle Notebook

Ian-credible eats.

Ian has been on a cooking kick all week–he made all our food this week!! It’s so nice to come home from work to a handsome guy and a homemade meal. I am so spoiled and in love. We usually watch Netflix while we eat, but since we finished Limitless and Narcos season 3, we’re on a binge break. That means more balcony brunch dates and conversations.

Nerelle Notebook


I always wake up and check my phone even before getting out of bed, and before I know it I’ve been scrolling for half an hour. It’s a bad habit I’ve been trying to kick, or at least control, so I don’t waste my morning staring at a screen.

Nerelle Notebook
Nerelle Notebook


I’m still new to podcasts, but my current favorite is RadioLab. We were driving around the east side one rainy weekend and I decided to stream RadioLab on Spotify, and was blown away for the next 3 hours listening to these podcasts:

/ Where The Sun Don’t Shine

/ Truth Warriors

/ Breaking News

/ The Ceremony

/ Revising The Fault Line

Nerelle Notebook
Nerelle Notebook
Nerelle Notebook

End Ugly Instas:

I just found out about this awesome app called UNUM. It’s a free Instagram grid planner app by Adobe (which I didn’t know existed) but basically the app will automatically load all your photos onto a grid, and you can import other photos to essentially plan how your feed will look, and turn it into an #insta worthy gallery. If you couldn’t tell, I really really like aesthetically pleasing things so I just wanted to share this. I’ll probs be curating my insta with this now so you can go ahead and follow me now, it’s gonna be epic 😛


*This isn’t an ad or anything, I’m honestly just impressed with the app*

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