Jun 4, 2020Moments

I have been feeling so tired the last couple of weeks.

So mentally and sort of physically drained.

I have a lot of photos and little memories from the last few weeks that I want to share on the Journal… from my would-be-wedding-weekend camping trip to a fun shoot with Gabby in the jungle and experimental photos with my new prime lens… I’ll be randomly uploading as I settle back in to myself, and will try my best to get updated even though I feel so dreary.

On another note, I just watched 13th, the documentary on Netflix, and I literally cried. Learning about the injustices and the hidden targeted racism in America has opened my eyes to new perspectives on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I’ve always been in support of active listening when it comes to stories from people of color, and it is so great to see people coming together to support and amplify them. I truly hope the world moves forward from this.

I took this photo earlier this evening of birds flying together back inland from the ocean, and thought it was pretty with the gradient of the sky and the cloud in the back peeking through.

Good night!


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