How are you?

Nov 4, 2021Lifestyle, Moments

Hi hello how are ya?

But no really… how are you doing? Hanging in there?

To be honest, I’ve been struggling to maintain a good head space.

The last couple of months have felt really chaotic, I have had very little motivation and yet somehow I’ve been super productive and really really busy. I guess I’ve been so preoccupied with everything else in life that I haven’t stopped to smell the roses, so to speak. Plus there have been so many contrasting emotions that have put me through the ringer… high highs and low lows that have left me in a funky funk.

Anyhow, I haven’t been motivated enough to get on my blog to post anything so just wanted to post this update for now–hii, I hope you’re well and getting fresh air and sunshine when you can, and hopefully I’ll get some energy to share some photo journals soon.

Sending love and good vibes to wherever you are in the world.

xo, Nerelle

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  1. aysabaw

    Heya! Waiting for your photo journals 🙂


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