For Moana Chips — From the Farm to the Fair

May 13, 2021Photography

Photos I took for Moana Chips.

They asked me to shoot some content during the Flag Day Farm Fair at the Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. We checked out all the vendors (and I bought some plants to take home, of course!) and introduced myself to the sweet Moana Chips team manning the booth.

We took some photos while we munched on the tasty crunchy taro chips and thankfully, Ian, Gabby, Traci, and Ano were willing to jump in as models and help with some of the shots! We even got Governor Lemanu Mauga to pose with a bag of Moana Chips with his Chief of Staff!

Check out Moana Chips’ website (they have some great sales right now) or over on their instagram.


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kinda gives me the heebie jeebies!

My love my love
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