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Oct 5, 2019Lifestyle, Travel

Samoa photo journal with my fiance in late August/early September 2019.

Visiting potential wedding venues for our big day next year. I blogged about the different venues too here.

Look at this man! He’s gonna be my husband :O

Took Ian to the Togitogiga waterfalls, and his first reaction is of course to jump right in!

I’m still a bit scarred from my last waterfall adventure back in American Samoa (you can read that story here) so me and the camera stayed dry for this waterfall adventure.

Ian is constantly falling (in love with me all over again hahah)

A much needed stop for snacks at Seabreeze Resort, waiting for our next venue appointment.

Stayed south side in this cute beach cabin.

Ian looking dreamy as ever.

Me at the beach of the venue we decided on.

Yup, we’re getting married on this very beach next year, and I’m pumped!

I had no idea they had goats in Samoa until this trip, and we drove down Cross Island Road and spotted this guy and several others.

Me running around the like a little motu girl.

In love with this pier, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Mandatory trips to To Sua ocean trench for saltwater/freshwater dips, and laying out in the sun.

This handsome guy and our dinner (paper plate wrapped in foil filled with teri chicken and mac salad, and ice cold niu with a paper straw) at the first night of the Teuila Festival in Apia town. 


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