Favorite things recently that have to do with the ocean

May 12, 2021Lifestyle, Moments, Photo Diaries

Just getting in the water.

Swimming and laughing with all the little kids in the neighborhood (how did there get to be so many?!).

Snorkeling and taking photos of all the sea critters with my ex-boyfriend (now husband, you get the deal).

Scoping out what fish is good for food, mentally preparing myself to one day catch a fish with a three prong spear and thank the fish for its life.

Jumping off the pier at high tide.

Floaty Fridays, when our little community shows up to the beach after work on Fridays and we just float around and hang out.

Feeling lucky when I see turtles and spotted eagle rays.

Holding my breath and trying to “free dive” to like anything deeper than 10 feet.

Waking up early and watching the sunrise from the treehouse.

Watching the sparkles in the water, like iridescent glitter from warm sunbeams on the sea’s surface.

Wading in waist deep water, squatting til we’re dipped to our chest, one hand with a bevvy and lots of random chatting.

Late nights escaping our neighbor’s house party and going to the treehouse to gawk at the expanse of the Milky Way and talk about really deep things that make us feel grounded and connected.

Seeing birds flying home from their hunt, just before sunset.

Feeling like the birds at the end of the day — coming home and wanting to go back out again.


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