Homemade Wedding Table (Progress Pics)

Jan 19, 2021Create, Lifestyle, Wedding

In the weeks leading up to our mini home wedding, Ian built this 10-foot wooden table!

We were only going to have 8 people, including us, for our dinner party, but we didn’t have a big enough table to seat us all. We were going to borrow my parents’ dinner table but it’s one of those really nice heavy ones and we didn’t want to truck it over and accidentally nick it. Plus we were going on our honeymoon trip the very next day so we wouldn’t have time to truck it back to their place for Thanksgiving weekend. Thus, we decided to DIY our wedding table!

We bought some plywood from our local hardware store, and Ian did pretty much everything himself, I just helped with the planning process. I worked on painting our wedding signs while he built the table. I forgot to take progress pics, so these are just mid-progress.

The frame had been built, and was super sturdy, and the top panels were cut and fitted but not yet screwed in. It was Halloween and as the afternoon turned to evening, we had to hurry to quickly make last-minute costumes (we went as Princess Leia and Han Solo) and head out to meet up with friends, so we ditched the project for the evening and resumed the next weekend.

After a few coats of stain and varnish, it looked amazing!

Pics to come 🙂

Bonus pics of Ian and Yodi girl being so cute that day on the couch.


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caught off guard - I don't even remember why we were out this night lol

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