My website has a new look!

May 14, 2020Create, Lifestyle

As a very visual and sometimes indecisive person, I play around with new layouts and designs here on my website a lot. It’s taken me ages to design something that I feel is representative of my aesthetic, and even though it’s not all there just yet, I’m happy with what it looks like right now… and so I’m excited to share

my new website design refresh!

I mean, no big deal. It’s actually been live for the last two weeks already. I just haven’t had the energy to write a post about it and share it with friends. I did however, want to share the screenshots of the Home/landing page here—a very different look from the last design. I will likely continue tweaking little things here and there whenever I feel like it, so it’ll keep evolving as I do. I cherish this personal website as a way to share my thoughts, photos, and life work, and it feels so good to have a pretty place on the world wide interwebs that is fully me, you know?

One of my favorite things is the quote randomizer I’ve included on the home page. If you click more, the quote will refresh with another one, and it’s fun to look at and toggle when I need a quick boost of inspo. Other things I’ve updated are my About Me page, a new scroll to top shortcut, new navigation menu layout (which is now a hamburger icon/full-screen menu), and created a new Privacy Policy page(!). It’s not something I originally thought about, but I’ve learned it’s so important to have so I can protect my copyrights, especially as a freelance photographer, and outline the terms of use for my website. I’m still thinking about other ways to refresh my Photography Portfolio and Web + Design Portfolio pages because it’s boring right now, and I’d like to display my work more attractively.

If you have any suggestions, or even any comments or feedback on my website’s new look, I’d love to hear them!

xo, Nerelle


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My website has a new look!

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