Jun 21, 2018Lifestyle

I first learned about clothing swaps when I moved back to American Samoa.
A group of girls invited me over to a swap and I thought it was the coolest idea ever.
Clothing swaps are a fun way to reduce, reuse and recycle! 
This past weekend, my neighbor hosted a ladies’ day brunch and clothing swap.
We all got together for a yummy mix of breakfast foods, and piled our clothes and items on a heap in the middle of the room.
Between only 8 of us we had a decent pile of clothes, books, magazines, beauty products, and stationery supplies.
I am on a serious ongoing purge of material items I own so I wasn’t looking to take anything home, but it was great to see clothes go to a new home. It’s also so fun to have a pretend runway (with mirrors of course) where the gals can model their outfits.
By having a clothing swap, we are reducing our waste, re-using clothing, and re-homing everything else to our local charity.


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