Virtual Pacific Roots Open Mic #16

Jun 2, 2020Culture

Tamiano and Traci have done it again.

Pacific Roots Open Mic #16 went virtual! Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic and attention on the troubling realities for people of color, the month of May was also mental health awareness month. Mental Health was the theme selected for PROM #16, to raise awareness of mental health issues and empower the young adults of American Samoa.

Here’s the link to the virtual PROM that premiered on YouTube on Sunday:

Traci and Ano put together a beautifully worded explanation in the YouTube description box, and I highly recommend you read it, watch the video, and listen to what each artist has to share. They were all so incredibly brave and vulnerable.

Here are some photos from the ‘watch party’, counting down to the live premiere of the first virtual PROM.

Thanks to Ano, Traci, Gabby, Ian, Jude, Sam, and Charity for a great night.


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