Just what I needed

Jun 1, 2020Photo Diaries

Mix of phone snaps and camera photos from back in April.

This was an emotionally funky day for me. We filled a bag with blankets, books, chips and dips, fresh cold niu and a pelu to crack it open.

My bearded ex-boyfriend (chill, he’s my fiance and I love him to bits) took me on a little drive to get out of the house. I may have been stir crazy from quarantining for so long, but I think it was also because I was bottling up some sad feelings about our upcoming (at the time) anniversary, which would have been our wedding this year. But that’s okkkk…

We drove as far east as the road would take us, and on the way back, found this unassuming shoreline just beside the main road with short coconut trees lining the beach. We read and relaxed for a little bit, and watched the gray squall in the distance approaching us slowly. We jumped back in the truck and drove off just in time for the rain to pour. It was just what I needed.

Photos from Three.


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My heart burst at how cute this is!

kinda gives me the heebie jeebies!
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Sorry, another one bc I’m kinda obsessed with this


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Today’s mood

Need to get back in the water already.

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