Having the best night

Oct 8, 2019Moments

I love feeling like I’m falling in love all over again.

Ian’s been extra sweet on me these last few weeks, sending me cute texts, waking me up in the morning with kisses and affirmations like “you are gonna make a difference in the world” while I’m still yawning and trying to keep my eyes open. Tonight we had a call with our wedding coordinator who is amazing and is really excited about our wedding because, she says, it’s different and unique! We’re going to confirm our venue booking tomorrow morning together! And after the call, we got to searching for flights to the mainland, and found really cheap flights, so we booked our holiday trip together, sitting side by side on the studio workbench we built together. Gah. Aren’t we just so disgustingly cute? We just got to chopping the veggies and frying up the chicken to make butter chicken, and I’m taking a quick computer break to type this out and search for a movie to watch on Netflix. We’re gonna get all cozy and cuddly with this rainy weather!! I feel so so so blessed and loved!


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