Bright Spots I’ve Been Needing — Recovered From the Draft Folder

May 14, 2021Journal, Lifestyle, Moments, Photo Diaries

I was going through my website’s back end, and decided it was time to do a little digital decluttering.

It was a mess back there!

I updated the plugins, removed the various notices at the top of my dashboard, got rid of themes, widgets, and plugins I rarely use, and was in the middle of deleting “empty” posts from my posts’ draft folder — when I found this post (below) containing this gallery I had uploaded off my iPhone so I could queue it up for a Plastic Free July update. This was last year July… 2020.

I clearly lost track of time… it was 2020 after all… and forgot about this draft.

Looking back though, it brings back some good memories. Enjoying COVID lockdown life (I had been home in American Samoa for five months straight at this point) doing productive little things around the house and still getting out often enough to feel like the sun shone bright just for me. How adorable is that?!

Now, a year later in 2021 (or as I saw on a meme, it’s pronounced “2020-won”), I feel a little less bright. It’s hot as heck outside and I think a delayed fatigue has settled in. I really want to spice things up but I’m not sure how. What I really need is to book a vacation off island ASAP… once the borders open up. The government says maybe August or September. I’ve just sent my passport renewal application off so I’m at the ready to pack my unused Cotopaxi travel bag and get on a plane to another pin on the map.

To be honest, I’ve been struggling because it feels like there isn’t really anything to look forward to. I know that there is, and I’m trying to keep a positive attitude, but it’s been hard some days.

These little photo diaries remind me though that there are still bright spots (sunsets and rainbows) to look forward to in my daily life. Plastic Free July is around the corner and I’m excited to attempt more sustainable swaps to adapt in my life.

I haven’t been feeling super creative lately, but I think this digital declutter is a nice way to revive old trains of thought and make room for new ideas.




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