Hanging Out at Golden Hour: Ofu Photo Journal

Jan 14, 2019Lifestyle, Travel

January 2nd was a spectacular day.

We hiked Mt. Tumu, jumped in the ocean to cool down, and then two words: golden hour.

It was Taylor’s last night so Ben and Deb set up a sweet bonfire on the beach with bevvies all around.

And later, the clouds cleared and I finally got the stars I was wishing for.

Ofu, Olosega, and Ta,’ū islands make up the Manu’a islands of American Samoa

My golden boy

Sweet sunsets

Hanging out on the Ofu airstrip

I love how the sun reflects on the Ofu Fire Station (orange building)

A hunk at dusk

Always gushing over my guy

Ofu, ooh-la-la 

Taylor stoking the fire

This beach is litttt

A lovely bunch of individuals – the Vaoto crew

Ian took these two pics (above and below) and I love the mood


  1. Rebecca

    I love your filters and depiction of Ofu, Nerelle! It really puts a whole new spin on ways of looking at the island!

    • nerelle

      Thanks so much Rebecca! I loved it there so much. You have a beautiful home and I hope we get to visit you guys there the next time <3 Hope all is well with you and yours 😉


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