DIY easy sew wrap top using a pattern

Jun 18, 2020Create

Yay – I’m so so so stoked on the newest addition to my slow fashion wardrobe, this wrap crop top! It can be worn both in the front and the back, and I love that it has clean french seams.

For this project, I followed a pattern for the first time ever. And thank goodness, because it was so easy! It’s a PDF pattern called the Morning Glory wrap top. You can download it as a freebie thanks to Sarah Kirsten – visit her site here. I also watched this YouTube video (which was how I found the pattern) by Hemmed by Em that was super helpful in visualizing how the process of following the pattern.

What you’ll need

I won’t go over how to make it since you can easily find out how by following the pattern on Sarah Kirsten’s website, but here’s how my cuts turned out, and after about an hour of sewing, the finished product!

Here’s how it turned out!

I love it both in the front and back! I wore it all day today, and I’m excited to wear it out for whatever, grocery shopping or hanging out with friends… at a safe social distance, of course. I feel like I could even wear it to work… or is that too spicy? Haha. It turned out pretty much exactly the way I wanted it to, and I’m so excited to make more with the other fabrics I got!

Please don’t mind the hair tangled in my necklace chain haha, I’ve been shedding like an old dog!

stay home, drink water, and make your own clothes 🐚


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