Gloomy weather

Apr 10, 2020Lifestyle, Photo Diaries

Some photos from back in February, but wanted to share them here. This was just after the week of cyclones that caused a lot of stir in the islands, but thankfully it was never worse than we could handle. Ian and I took a drive to the east side to see the 30-foot swells that were being predicted on the north shore. Up at Vatia, we looked out at Pola islands sheltered on the lee of the mountain. Then drove over Afono Pass to and looked north to Fagasa from the start of the `Alava trail. The bay was a soup of whitewater waves crashing hard onto the cemented coastline. I later found out the waves had actually broken the boat ramp but luckily didn’t cause further damage to homes.

This week, we got heavy tailwinds from Cyclone Harold, which thrashed through Vanuatu and Fiji earlier this week. It’s a bit gloomy out, reminding me of when Cyclone Wasi passed through American Samoa. I’ve welcomed the cool rain and breeze with open doors and weather-sealed windows. And as usual, feeling a bit like the weather.

I think I may have developed a mild head cold too, so gonna chill out extra hard this weekend. You know, not like I haven’t been the past few weeks.


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