A little sick but not worried

Apr 13, 2020Lifestyle, Photo Diaries

Hello friends and strangers!

Took a break from daily posting because I’ve unfortunately fallen ill over the weekend. It’s nothing to worry about. Just headaches, body aches, and a bit of congestion. I hate to admit that I’ve been coughing because I don’t want to cause a scare. It seems like everybody and their mommas are getting up in arms any time a person so much as clears their throat, much less actually coughs. So for your information, I’m barely coughing–I promise. And if I do cough, it’s like the babiest of baby coughs. I’ve been sneezing more than coughing. Ha-choo!

Anyhow, it’s been a whole month since I started quarantining at home… maybe a little over a month. I’m very relieved that we still do not have any confirmed cases of COVID in American Samoa – another assurance that my feverish feeling is probably just a common cold. I’ve taken sick leave today from teleworking so I can just lay in bed all day and rest up.

Here’s a photo diary from before I started feeling sick. Socially distant hangout with Gabby at the treehouse, then brunch on the balcony that Ian prepared for us, and Yodi jumped up on Ian’s lap, and it was too cute to not snap some pics. Thanks to Gabby for snapping pics of me, Ian, and Yodi.

xo, Nerelle


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ok good night! (image credit: Pinterest)