Places I Want To Go

Mar 29, 2021Moments, Travel

Hoping, wishing, praying, manifesting…

My most immediate places of interest are to visit LA and Phoenix to be reunited with family. And to explore the city together.

The Philippines… specifically, I want to visit my family’s lands, and see where my mom and dad and their family grew up in old historic Vigan and Manila.

Go see the 1 square foot plot of land in Ireland that bought for my husband years ago… is it even real? Was it just a gag gift? I want to find out, and I want to explore the beautiful green country with him.

Scotland as well. My husband is Scottish Irish, so anywhere we have ties to… I would love to see it in person and connect with it — to keep our heritage from fading, and to gain an appreciation for what our ancestors went through, leading us to where we are today.

It would be super cool to go sailing in Europe as well. I know very little about which islands I’ve seen photos of, but Mallorca, Santorini, and the Azores look incredible, and I would love to bask in their spring or summer season.

And, to quote Susan Sontag, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”


  1. aysabaw

    I always had this feeling that you are a Filipina but I was scared to ask because some people get offended hehehe. Do you speak Tagalog?

    Your pictures made me research about American Samoa and how to move there. LOL.

    • nerelle

      Haha yes I am Filipina! I unfortunately can’t speak Tagalog, but I understand it fairly well. And if only we could swap places for a little bit lol… I really miss traveling!

      • aysabaw

        Understanding the language is already good haha. Let’s swap for a few days!


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My heart burst at how cute this is!