The prettiest moonset

Apr 13, 2020Photo Diaries, Photography

I nearly forgot to share this photo here.

It’s a recent favorite I snapped late one night in early March.

I was standing in the hallway of my little apartment and saw out of the living room window, a bright moon just about to make contact with the mountain. I walked out the front door and stood there watching Masina‘s slow descent.

It was the prettiest moonset I’d seen in a very long time. Not one I’d planned to see either… It was there for a moment, and then it wasn’t. I realized I didn’t have my camera only once the mountain had eclipsed the moon, leaving a faint glow of the moon’s halo. I rushed to my room to grab my Sony A7iii camera and 50mm F/1.8 lens, quickly fiddled with the manual settings, fired some test shots, and clicked this memorable night scene.

Moonset aftermath photo by Nerelle Que


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Love you bubby

a good time in Bali yearsss ago, i miss it. oops bc i look nekid.

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