Deep cleaning

Sep 15, 2019Moments

Tiny apartment living has it’s perks. Namely, it’s easier to clean. Or so you’d think…

On Friday I felt the urge to deep clean my entire house, and made a list of areas I wanted to really get spotless. It was actually really… I don’t know what the word is… fun???? Just writing down my cleaning list was getting me giddy. It’s like Monica Gellar took over my mind and body and I wanted nothing more than a natural all-purpose cleaning spray and some pop music playing on the speakers to get me going. So when I got home from work, I moved all the big furniture in the living room to sweep under and around them, then dusted and rearranged my bookshelf by color. That’s all I could manage before dinner with my parents later that night. On Saturday I woke up, moved my body, journaled, ate brunch that Ian made, then got to deep cleaning the kitchen. It was a mission. I cleared everything off the counters, wiped and scrubbed the tiles, and emptied the dish drawers and orange guarded the heck out of all the corners. Ian had gone to Ace to grab supplies for a shelf we wanted to build in our spare room, then had paddling practice. So I sang out loud karaoke style to music blasting from my spotify playlists. Ian came home with a lot more than just supplies, he got himself a really nice jig saw and a bunch of other ‘manly men’ tools. Then cleaned out the fridge and our kitchen island. It’s been a lot of time on my feet so they hurt now, but I’m so happy and feel inspired to keep my house this clean all the time! I have yet to start on my bedroom and the spare room (we have guests tonight staying in there) so very very soon, I hope!


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